About us


The idea behind grew out of our own experiences in Nepal and a suggestion from a friend. We noticed that there was a real enthusiasm for reading, but also an almost depressing lack of good quality reading material in many schools and libraries.  We also discovered that there were abundant sources of suitable books outside of Nepal that were unused or being discarded. The problem was finding a viable alternative to getting a large number of books to Nepal without paying the high cost of shipping and using funds that could otherwise be put to more direct and effective use. Thus, after a bit more thought and energy, was born.  

It is a collaboration of teachers, lawyers, tourist industry people, and friends with a common interest, to provide opportunities for a better life for children in Nepal.





Use of already established organizations, VSSN (Nepal) and F&FP (Japan), as well as any other willing and necessary organizations to establish, organize, administer, manage, oversee, and promote the program.


既にネパールに関するボランティア活動をしている団体VSSN (在ネパール) とF&FP (在日本神戸)、その他協力して頂ける団体を通して設立、組織、運営、管理、監督 そしてこのプログラムの促進をしています。


Through application, and to the extent books are available, any school that can demonstrate clear need, suitable space/facilities to store books, and for students to have access to those books. Moreover schools that can also designate a specific contact person in charge of looking after the books and seeing that they are being put to effective use.